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CD and DVD printing and duplication

Professional, state of the art screen or lithographic printing.

Depending on the complexity of the job, screen printing is usually used where the print does not involve a photographic image as it is a more cost effective method of printing blocks of colour or text. Lithographic printing produces high quality photographic images on discs and packaging. Our disc printing and duplication service covers the following related activities:

Printing and duplication of as few, or as many discs as the client requires.

All artwork design requirements can be catered for using the latest design software packages. Whether it’s
   a custom disc design or the packaging artwork that’s required we have specialist templates that we use to
   produce original, eye-catching designs to wow your customers or clients.

High quality duplication of audio or video files. The contents of each disc are verified to guarantee no
   faulty discs are included in a batch.

We can source any packaging type that may be required, at trade prices, due to the large quantities that
   we use.

We can ship packages or pallets to anywhere in the world at excellent rates due to our extensive use of
   worldwide courier networks.

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Should you require any further information with regards to disc printing or packaging, please visit our sister website at
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