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Effective, Proven Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing Services from SiteChooser

Our professional SEO services are tailored to your individual business and industry sector to produce the results you need and to ensure that your website performs at the highest level across all the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask).

Our SEO services range from a Starter level SEO service (for businesses aiming to get their site featured in the search engines) to our Intensive level SEO service aimed at taking your business website to the next level for the most competitive search phrases.

All of our SEO services cover the two essential components of SEO, On-Site and Off-Site SEO. Prominent positions in the search rankings are very much dependent upon ensuring that your website is highly optimised with both On-site and Off-site SEO measures in mind.

Our Open Approach to SEO

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Many SEO "experts" will never divulge what they do to optimise your business website. At SiteChooser we're different. We are quite happy to show our clients exactly what we do as part of our SEO service.
SEO is not an incredibly complex and highly skilled service. It's about diligence, consistency  and good old fashioned hard work. We provide an SEO service to our clients because they simply do not have the time
to do it themselves as they are too busy with the day-to-day running of their businesses.

In a nutshell, here's what we do:

● Keyword Research

Keywords are the search terms or phrases that an internet user might enter into a search engine when trying to find a service on the internet. For example, if you run an accountancy business in Coventry, users may enter the phrase "tax accountant in Coventry" into a Google search bar and you would expect your business and also competing businesses to appear in the search listings.

The first step in any SEO campaign is keyword research. We will identify the most appropriate keywords for your business sector and then discern which of them will attract the most internet visitors using our suite of keyword analysis tools. The finalised list will then be discussed with our client so that they are fully informed with regards to the reasoning behind our finalised choices.

● On-site SEO

A regularly updated website will always be viewed more favourably by a search engine and will, therefore, be ranked more highly than a static website. We work with our clients to refine the current website content, develop fresh website content and to devise online advertising campaigns that can be updated periodically. This activity will in turn generate information that can be used for off-site marketing purposes such as online press releases and article construction. On-site SEO and marketing gives website visitors a reason to stay on the website in the first instance, then to return regularly and also to pass the website address on to colleagues and friends.

All of our SEO campaigns begin with an on-site optimisation exercise, adjusting the website structure to set up a search engine friendly hierarchy which becomes the foundation for the website. The exercise consists of the following steps:

● Code Error Correction  - If the website code contains errors that will in any way impede an SEO campaign, it is vital that these are put right.

● Keyword Targeting Metadata and Header Tags - There are two critical metatags within the code of each page of your website. The metatitle and the metadescription. Content for these will be written initially and uploaded to the website as a matter of urgency due to its heavy influence on search engine ranking. Header tags (h1, h2, h3 etc) will also be correctly optimised. 

● Optimisation of Website Text Content - All website text content is analysed to establish how it can be edited to include the particular keyword or keywords that the page is intended to target, at the correct density. This exercise requires close collaboration with our clients as the text obviously needs to remain relevant to the business. No changes will be made without prior agreement with our clients.

● Image Filename and Tag Optimisation - Finally, all images are renamed appropriately to give the most accurate description of their content and their alt tags are modfied to include appropriate targetted keywords.

● Off-site SEO

● Competitor Research and Assessment - We will analyse the approach that competing businesses are taking with regards to their online presence, so that we can understand the level of work involved and the methodology required to ensure that the clients website will appear above competitor’s websites in the search engine listings for relevant keywords. This research will be regularly referred back to and refreshed as the campaign progresses.

● Business Directory Corporate Profiles - Links will be established within selected high profile online business directories that allow a detailed company profile to be submitted.

● Article Marketing - Detailed articles will be carefully prepared through liason with the client and submitted to popular article hosting sites to establish external backlinks to the clients website. The key factor with this activity is the quality of the article and the level of industry expertise demonstrated within it, rather than the quantity of articles submitted. Ten high quality articles are worth far more in SEO terms than a hundred poorly constructed articles.

● Blog Posting and Social Bookmarking - Through the various activities detailed above, we will be in a position to advise upon and contribute to blog postings on an existing website blog or a newly created blog and also to submit the website to various social bookmarking sites or establish profiles where possible. The power of Facebook and Google plus pages can be immense if harnessed correctly.

● Establishing Backlinks - This is one of the most critical activities undertaken as part of an SEO campaign. We will establish backlinks on high ranking and industry focused websites to create site exposure in as wide an area as possible over the internet. This activity will attract visitors who may be searching for selected keywords and closely related keywords using various search engines and also within industry relevant websites.

● Forum Posting - We will identify several industry relevant forums where we can establish a profile and contribute to discussions again with a view to attracting visitors directly to the site through offering solutions to problems posted.

● Website Visitor Analysis - Through the use of website visitor analysis software such as the Google Analytics suite, we can assess how visitors are finding the website, i.e. what keywords they are entering into the search engine to find a business in your industry sector, how the website is received by visitors and which pages or areas of the website are most heavily visited. We use this vital information to focus our SEO activity.

● Campaign Reports - At the end of each month, we will produce a report detailing campaign activities carried out during the previous month. This report will track keyword progress over the course of the campaign providing us with a valuable tool that allows us to decide where we should concentrate our efforts and also providing the client with a clear view of the overall campaign progress.

We have plenty of great SEO success stories to demonstrate the overall effectiveness of our SEO campaigns. For a FREE, no obligation meeting with SiteChooser to discuss how we can help you grow your business through the internet,
call us today on 0121 661 9355.

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